Keeping your edge over the competition.
Top of mind branding for market share.

Marketing and sales is about getting results. Knowing this, the path to resident retention and stabilized occupancy starts with a solid, well-executed plan and lead engagement strategy.

Every member of your team is responsible for reaching measurable goals that will ultimately transform your community into an efficient, sought-after organization to remain top of mind with consumers. Greenbrier Senior Living ensures your team has all the tools necessary to attain these goals and contribute to your organization’s overall success.

The Greenbrier approach brings everyone to the same starting point – creating a consistent game plan for everyone to follow — and cohesive force to resolve issues and achieve results.

Greenbrier’s approach focuses on four areas:

  • Goal Setting: Outlining true, obtainable community goals and communicating individual goals to associates.
  • Research & Development: Analyzing sales/market data and developing strategic plans to reach consumers in the preferred, most cost-effective ways.
  • Process Implementation: Creating/maintaining disciplined, achievable processes at every touchpoint in the consumer lifecycle and journey.
  • Measurement: Tracking feedback and results with measurement tools and customized reporting.